Fantastic correlation

Brian D. Buckley


Every morning, I spend an hour on the computer, writing a blog post and checking e-mail.

Then I go to work for eight hours. Generally, I spend six of those hours at my desk, on the computer.

In the evening, I work on the AI for an hour and a half, and spend at least another half hour writing my journal and doing other little things.

If I’m lucky, I get an hour in there somewhere to read a book, or sometimes watch a little TV.

That’s 10 hours a day. I spend over half my waking life staring at rectangles.

The thing is, I don’t regret it. Work pays the bills. The AI is the project I’m most excited about. I love reading; I’d never give it up. And writing the blog is a way to channel and structure the mess of thoughts bouncing around my head.

I spend

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